We are passionate about Xaxli'p land use, ecosystem-based forestry, and ecocultural restoration.


Board of Directors

The XCFC Board of Directors is made up of three to five Xaxli’p members. XCFC directors are experts in Xaxli’p cultural activities and land use within the Xaxli’p Survival Territory. The board provides broad guidance for all planning and operations of the community forest. The current directors are Herman Alec (Chair), David Adolph, Nora Billy, Steven Harry, and Lenora Starr.


Forest Crew

The forest crew is a three-person team of Xaxli’p forest technicians who implement eco-cultural restoration plans on the ground.  The forest crew does forest assessments, eco-cultural restoration treatments, ecosystem monitoring, prescribed burning, invasive species monitoring and treatment, firewood for community members, and activities to assist forest harvesting planning. All forest crew members are BC Forest Safety Council Certified Fallers.  The Forest Crew members are Ed Mountain Jr. (Crew Boss), Robbie Bob, and Derek Saul.

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Community Forest Manager

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Robin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the community forest, including design and implementation of eco-cultural restoration, harvest planning, office and field supervision of the forest crew, incorporating Xaxli’p knowledge in all aspects of the CFA operations, planning and implementing community involvement, and general business administration. Contact Robin.


Xaxli'p Forester and Ecologist



Herb Hammond has worked with Xaxli’p for over 25 years.  He has actively assisted Xaxli’p in gaining control of their forest resources and implementing landscape and stand level eco-cultural restoration within Xaxli’p Survival Territory. Herb continues to provide professional scientific, managerial, and technical advice to the XCFC Board and staff about eco-cultural restoration and ecosystem-based forest planning and operations. Contact Herb.


Community Forest Assistant


Anishia assists with office administration, including finance, records, and project implementation.



John is an experienced accountant who manages the day-to-day accounting duties of the company, prepares year-end financial statements, and provides financial advice to the Community Forest Manager and Board of Directors.