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Xaxli’p Ecosystem Based Plan: Ecological Sensitivity to Disturbance with Xaxli’p Place Names

The primary objective of an ecosystem based plan is to maintain natural ecological integrity at all scales through time in the landscape being planned. To a large extent, this is achieved by identifying and respecting ecological limits, including identifying and protecting ecologically sensitive areas. This map was developed to identify areas of ecological sensitivity resulting from steep slopes, complex terrain, shallow soils, and dry conditions. The map was derived from air photo interpretation, existing map information, GIS modeling, and field assessments.

CFA Boundary and Xaxli'p Survival Territory

Upper Sallus Creek Cultural Restoration Area – Ortho Photo Base with Restoration Ecotype Outlines

This Upper Sallus Creek Cultural Restoration Area map is one of the preliminary maps of the Landscape Restoration Plan. Restoration ecotypes have been identified using air photo interpretation and GIS modeling. The restoration ecotypes are used to identify priority restoration areas, to identify potential ecosystems or species of interest in an area, and to plan initial restoration area boundaries. The characteristics and condition of restoration ecotypes are refined by the XCFC Forest Crew during field assessments and development of eco-cultural restoration prescriptions.