Draft Forest Stewardship Plan is open for public review and comment.

The Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation (XCFC) is making available for public viewing its proposed Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) for operations within the Cascades Forest District, for 60 days from May 16 to July 14, 2018.  The geographic areas covered by the FSP include the Fountain Valley, Gibbs Creek watershed, and the upper reaches of Sallus Creek watershed.

The FSP provides strategies and results for conserving and protecting timber and non-timber resources.   XCFC’s work focuses on eco-cultural restoration to re-establish natural ecological integrity and Xaxli’p cultural resources within the CFA area. The draft FSP has been prepared under the Forest and Range Practices Act and identifies Forest Development Units in which harvesting and road building may occur over the five-year term.  Any harvesting conducted will be partial cutting that is guided by eco-cultural restoration priorities.

The FSP will be available for public review through the XCFC office, 1433 Fountain Valley Road, Monday-Friday from 9:00-2:00 PM, or by appointment (phone 250-256-4228).

The FSP does not address specific operational plans for cutting permits associated with eco-cultural restoration. These elements will be addressed in future planning and ongoing community involvement processes.

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All comments on the FSP are welcome and must be provided in writing by July 14, 2018 to: Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation, P.O. Box 19, Lillooet, B.C. V0K 1V0, or by email: forestrymanager(at)xaxlip(dot)ca.

Jude Goodwin