Ecologically and culturally sustainable land use for the benefit of Xaxli’p people. 


Our traditional uses of the land are essential to the survival of Xaxli’p culture and Xaxli’p ecosystems.


Forest Management

The Xaxli’p Community Forest employs a unique, kincentric method of forest management – we manage the forest for ecological and cultural sustainability, based on the needs of the Xaxli’p community. Our kincentric value system sees us as related to all parts of the forest. The forest dwellers—plants, animals, microorganisms, soil, and rocks—are our kin.

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The community forest is managed to restore degraded ecosystems, to restore cultural resources and activities, and to create a sustainable community economy based on high quality, value-added timber and non-timber forest products.

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Plans & Maps

The Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation (XCFC) is making available for public viewing its proposed Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) for operations within the Cascades Forest District, for 60 days from May 16 to July 14, 2018.  The FSP provides strategies and results for conserving and protecting timber and non-timber resources.   XCFC’s work focuses on eco-cultural restoration to re-establish natural ecological integrity and Xaxli’p cultural resources within the CFA area.

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The Xaxli’p Community Forest has a long and interesting history, which is an evolving example of how Indigenous communities are redefining sustainability and asserting their sovereignty through natural resource governance. We have outlined some of this history here. Plus our Plans and Maps page includes a wonderful report on the history of the community forest, written as part of a doctoral dissertation research project by Sibyl Diver of the University of California, Berkely.

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Considering the needs of present and future generations, Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation (XCFC) carries out ecologically and culturally sustainable land use for the benefit of Xaxli’pmec and the other beings in Xaxli’p Survival Territory.  The responsibilities of XCFC extend throughout Xaxli’p Survival Territory, which includes the Community Forest Agreement area.