Board of Directors

The XCFC Board of Directors is made up of four Xaxli’p members. XCFC directors are experts in Xaxli’p cultural activities and land use within the Xaxli’p Survival Territory. The board provides broad guidance for all planning and operations of the community forest, including restoring cultural activities and forest integrity (eco-cultural restoration), forest management and business decisions, and ensuring compliance of plans and operations with Xaxli’p customs. The directors are:

  • Herman Alec, Chair
  • David Adolph
  • Nora Billy
  • Steve Harry
  • Lenora Starr


Forest Crew

Forest Crew

The forest crew is a three person team of Xaxli’p forest technicians who implement eco-cultural restoration plans on the ground. They have been trained in St’at’imc and Xaxli’p culture by Xaxli’p Elders, other Xaxli’p experts, Herb Hammond, and the current and previous Forest Managers. The training of the forest crew is unique, because it is guided by St’at’imc and Xaxli’p knowledge and customs, as opposed to conventional forestry approaches. The forest crew carries out forest assessments, assists in the design of eco-cultural restoration prescriptions, implements the prescriptions in the field, and monitors results of the prescriptions. Additionally, the crew provides fire patrol services throughout the Xaxli’p Survival Territory, carries out a firewood program for Xaxli’p members, and provides various forestry-related community services to Xaxli’p. All forest crew members are BC Forest Safety Council Certified Fallers. The Forest Crew members are:

  • Ed Mountain Jr., Crew Boss
  • Robbie Bob
  • Derek Saul

Community Forest Manager - Robin Strong 

Robin started working with the Community Forest in November 2015, assisting with the day-to-day management of the Community Forest. This includes supervising and assisting the Forest Crew, financial planning, project management, and providing support to the Board of Directors. Robin is a Registered Forest Technologist. 

Xaxli’p Forester and Ecologist – Herb Hammond, R.P.F.

Herb Hammond has worked with Xaxli’p for over 25 years. He has actively assisted Xaxli’p in gaining control of their forest resources and implementing landscape and stand level eco-cultural restoration within Xaxli’p Survival Territory. Herb prepared the Xaxli’p Ecosystem Based Plan in 2001, and has been instrumental in applying for and negotiating the terms of the Community Forest Agreement. Herb continues to provide professional scientific, managerial, and technical advice to the XCFC Board and staff about eco-cultural restoration and ecosystem-based forest planning and operations. Contact Herb.

Community Forest Assistant - Anishia LeBourdais

Anishia LeBourdais has been hired in February to be the assistant to Robin Strong.  Anishia will be doing any office duties that Robin may have, also she will be doing the Fire Smart Program.

Events & News

February 2018: New Board of Directors elected at Annual General Meeting


July 2017: New academic article out on the Xaxli'p Community Forest!



Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation (XCFC) carries out ecologically and culturally sustainable land use for the benefit of Xaxli’p people, considering the needs of present and future generations.

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