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Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation employs a team of forest technicians and a professional forester/forest ecologist who are experts in eco-cultural restoration, Xaxli’p land management, and ecosystem-based forestry operations. Our employees are skilled at combining scientific and Xaxli’p cultural knowledge in forest planning, and are committed to carrying out restoration treatments and forest operations at a high standard of quality and safety. View our staff members.

Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation continually works towards the development of a diverse, sustainable community economy, which currently is focused on eco-cultural restoration activities. Over time we plan to expand our activities into gathering and processing of non-timber forest products, selling logs, manufacturing value-added wood products, and cultural/adventure tourism. We want to develop new activities on a sound cultural, experience-based, and financial footing. Success in developing a diversified, community economy requires that we initiate new activities with careful research and planning guided by precautionary decision-making.

We strive to generate long-term, meaningful employment for Xaxli’p community members and local residents. Aside from our permanent staff, we periodically hire seasonal personnel to assist with eco-cultural restoration, firewood making, and other activities of the Xaxli’p Community Forest.

Job Postings:

There are no postings at this time. 

Events & News

February 2018: New Board of Directors elected at Annual General Meeting


July 2017: New academic article out on the Xaxli'p Community Forest!



Xaxli’p Community Forest Corporation (XCFC) carries out ecologically and culturally sustainable land use for the benefit of Xaxli’p people, considering the needs of present and future generations.

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